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This is looking like a good day.

Reached a decent milestone, and I get to spend the Evening with my little Nepe.

Hoping to pick up my story again after the exams, so keep an :eye: out
  • Listening to: Owl City, Lights
  • Reading: Derek Landy, Terry Pratchett
  • Watching: Alpha and Omega (i don't care about the reviews)
  • Playing: AC4: Black Flag
  • Eating: Pizza and plenty of snacks
  • Drinking: J2O

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0-Acerlot-0 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday and here is a birthday song:…
nepetaleijons Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
ilysm ♡
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Random question, but if you're reading through all Ddraig's latest fics, can I also get you to have a read of this one as well and see what you think? It's a one-chapter short focusing on a somewhat important event in Empress Ddraig's future;…
Draconic-Metalsmith Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
I liked what you did there, a good way to handle scarring of this nature imo
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks again! If you liked that, there's also a few other short stories I've written for :iconddraigtanto:...they're all only a single deviation, but some are longer than others.

* Gift Art - Selena's LullabyIn his study, Alexander sat idly tapping away at the keys on his piano. It was a unique design; tailored specifically for the large talons of an adult dragon. In his younger days, Alexander had been able to play a regular-sized piano with ease, but as he'd grown, his parents had been forced to buy an instrument with larger keys so he could continue to play. He was constantly grateful for this, as he regularly found himself returning to his chambers to play when he had little else to do - a rare occurence, these days - or needed a distraction from his work.
He finished playing his melody - 'Fur Elise' - and leaned over to a nearby shelf to find a new tune to play, only to hear the sound of singing coming through the open door. Alexander cocked his head in confusion. Who was singing? He didn't recognise the tune, although it was quite pleasing to the ear, and it sounded like it was being sung in draconic! Alexander wasn't too familiar with the dialect, having been raised in a human commu
 - A short fluffy moment between Ddraig and Alexander.
* Dragon Drabble - EasterDdraig peered down at the egg before her, regarding it with suspicion.
"I don't know, Alex..." she said, moving her head back for the third time. Alexander cocked his head.
"It's only chocolate, my love." he said, simply.
"A chocolate egg." Ddraig pointed out. Alexander had insisted to her repeatedly that this was a normal custom back in America during the Easter festivities - a holiday Ddraig didn't normally celebrate - and it appeared to be catching on with the younger generations in parts of Avalar, but the idea just seemed...wrong to Ddraig. Alexander had tried to sooth her concerns by comparing it to humans eating gingerbread men, but Ddraig still didn't like the idea of eating something that was nearly the size of one of the eggs she herself had laid in the past. It didn't seem to bother her children, who were presently playing with their own oversized eggs - or what was left of them - but Ddraig had remained staring at her own chocolate egg long after her hatchlings had b
 - A comedic (and very short) story about Ddraig trying to celebrate Easter and epically failing. 
* The PearlAs Long'Li spoke, Ddraig found her eyes drifting to a strange shape on the wall behind him. Embedded into the wall was what appeared to be a tiny shrine, with a large pearl secured inside it.
Despite her attempts to avoid staring, Long'Li noticed, and turned around to see what she was looking at.
"Ah, I see you have found my..." he paused. "One of my treasures."
"It's very beautiful." Ddraig said.
Long'Li sighed. "You wouldn't know what this was, would you?" he said. Ddraig shook her head, and Long'Li promptly walked over to the wall shrine and opened it, taking the pearl out and holding it carefully in one pearl. He stared at it for a moment, before looking up at her again. "Your kind uses magic differently to mine; while you are gifted with the ability to summon your magic from within, We must draw our magic from an outside source."
Ddraig moved closer; staring at the strange pearl. "How does it work?"
"It is complicated. There is a ritual involved, where a precious item will be ench
 - A story set during "Of Snakes And Savages" where Ddraig gets a better understanding of why Emperor Long'Li is the way he is via magic.
* SpiritsLegion sighed. He had been dead for...more than seven years, he realised with shock, but he was still no closer to comprehending the many mysteries that Ignitus regularly discussed with him. When he had..."reawakened" after his death, Legion had assumed that he was an angel of sorts, although he had slowly come to realise that the truth was far more complicated than that. After he had revealed his existence to his beloved Natalie and Cynder in a time of great danger - an incredible abuse of his powers, as he'd subsequently discovered - Ignitus had begun slowly educating him on the mysteries of the spirit world, having acknowledged that Legion most likely wouldn't have made such a mistake if he had been better informed about the nature of his...position. Indeed, Ignitus had taken full responsibility for Legion's mistake and not punished him or stripped him of his powers, noting that it was his own fault for not ensuring that Legion had been appropriately educated before being set loose. - A...strange story where Legion and Ignitus explore alternate realities to get a deeper understanding of spirits and connections through time and space.
* Reflections"Alex? A-lex!" Ddraig called as she rushed through the long halls and stairwells that made up her palace, searching for her daughter. "Alex? Where are you, my love?" she said again, briefly pausing at the top of a landing to catch her breath, before continuing down the hallway that led to her daughter's chambers. "Alex? Are you in here?" she called as she neared the door and pushed it open, glancing around the seemingly-empty room. 
"She's in there," a voice said from behind her. Ddraig turned around to see her handmaiden, Natalie, resting on a bench, a book in one foreclaw. "I've been telling her she looks fine for the past hour, but she won't listen to me." she said, gesturing towards the wardrobe door without looking up.
"Thank you, Natalie," Ddraig said, heading towards the door and opening it. Sure enough, inside was her second-born, standing in front of a mirror in an elegant blue dress, frantically turning back and forth as she fussed over her appearance. Seeing Ddraig's fi
 - The big one; the longest story I've ever written, and one I'm very proud of...this one takes place in the far future, and is about Ddraig's teenage daughter Princess Alexandria preparing for a grand ball where she'll be dancing with a dragon who she's had a secret crush on her whole life. To make matters more complicated, Alexandria was born as "Prince Alexander Jr." and so we get to see "his" story through flashbacks at the same time...

So, yeah. Do tell me what you think of them if you read is good! And I'll have a look at your stories soon as well!
nepetaleijons Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Hey you. Yeah, you. I love you. <3
Draconic-Metalsmith Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
And I love you more
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Draconic-Metalsmith Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
But true
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nepetaleijons Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
I've already said this, but anyway. Happy birthday, you adorable little dork.
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